Media Mogul Clients

Combined with he Clan Mom (aka Hunter Gatherer's) pool of hand-picked specialists and experts, many of whom have won in excess of 60 national and international awards in their own rights, he Media Mogul Co. is a virtual agency now in operation, which has already secured the following clients, (with many more in the pipeline, to be officially announced in February 2011) showing the diversity and ability of the specialists skills on hand.

Karkloof Spa Brochure

Brochure design, tailormade high-end corporate gifts, editorial, advertorial, media placement, celebrity visits.

Umvithi Youth Development Consultants

Umvithi Youth Development Consultants

Media partner for Youth Development summit and launch of top secret Arts & Tourism Academy.

Jason Hartman

Media exposure - viral and print.

Zulu Mpophomeni Tourism Experience

SWOT analysis, quality assurance on Tour guides, web consultants, Fair Trade Tourism Accreditation.

Big Fish Digital School of Filmmaking

International sales for documentary sales and marketing into Africa.

Watkins Farm

Web development, groups and marketing to niche markets.

The Media School

Affiliation and shadowing of students.

Lythwood Lodge

Filming for SATV channel and Youtube, marketing strategy, newsletter.

Corner Post Restaurant and Bar

Copy writing, SWOT analysis, market positioning.


Copywriting, events, media placements

The Good Furniture Company

Media placements (Double page spreads)

The Skinny Leather Co.

Development of product range for sales on web and retail in South Africa.

The Candle Dipping Shop

SWOT and RISK analysis, marketing strategy and overall promotions.


SWOT analysis, positioning in the market for 2011 activities through various channels.

Dovehouse Organics

The Dovehouse Organic Farm Shop, Permaculture and organic gardening training workshops.