Exposure, engagement, influence and action

Spearheaded by Nikki Tilley, The Media Mogul Co. is the long awaited solution to your ever-changing business needs. Marketing and PR strategies have shifted dramatically, with a significant increase in the need for personalized service whilst working in the new era of technology.

Nikki Tilley has over 20 years experience in senior management, marketing, consulting and strategic leadership positions, through her extensive and dedicated work in private, corporate and the NGO sectors. Nikki has a highly reputable track record in new business development, marketing, public relations, fundraising, media & communications and also in creating skills development and capacity building initiatives.

She has also spearheaded many successful businesses and initiatives, presented at conferences and travelled the world extensively, adding to her global vision and understanding of trends in media and marketing.

Her years spent in media and more recently in tourism bringing the Midlands Meander Association over R11m media and exposure value in less than 18 months, have contributed to many public relations, event and media achievements and awards for clients and businesses, and have directly resulted in significant growth of organizations, businesses and individuals.

Your business is personal and important to you, and you deserve personal service. So why outsource your most important asset to a series of companies who work in isolation of each other? With us, you have a holistic, synchronized understanding and strategy for your business, with the very best professionals looking after you, talking to each other and ensuring seamless implementation of your strategy.

Our vision:

To be the most visionary, superb solution sorter to all your media, business and marketing needs. World domination. We’ll take the urban clan competition out with our country (lack of) overheads & extreme superior service, delivery, excellence. Why? Because we can. And we all come from the city, from all corners of the world. We ARE the corporate refugees. So we are not afraid…and believe it or not, we have cars, ADSL and aeroplanes around here too. Last donkey cart seen at the traffic licensing department in 1987.

Our mission:

To have an enormous amount of fun with like-minded souls, oh, and yes, helping people’s businesses exceed beyond their expectations. To move mountains or find Mohammed.

Our objectives:

Out of the circle thinking… blow your socks off energy, passion and professionalism… exceptional client service…. exceptional rates… exceptional quality…because you are all individuals in a crowded global village…so dress funny, because you need to stand out from the crowd. We will show you how.

Our strategies:

It’s a secret. However, if you call us, we don’t mind sharing with the group. So who you gonna call???? The Media Mogul co… daaaaa daaaa daaaaa.